Dwell Housekeeping, by Blossom


Take control of your home, not the other way around.

Dwell is a Notion planner designed to manage household chores and keep your home running smoothly.

Embrace your peace with:

✣ Built-in property tracker: Manage multiple properties with ease thanks to Dwell's dedicated Properties database. Map areas 🚪and activities 🤸🏼 across all your houses 🏠 or apartments, simplifying property management within Notion.

✣ Starter templates for every room: Includes 15+ pre-built pages mirroring different rooms in your house. Create a digital record of each space, allowing you to effortlessly assign tasks later. Because chores are hard enough already, right?

✣ Unified housekeeping & maintenance: Featuring 8 custom views for housekeeping tasks and 11 for home maintenance, you can easily assign tasks to specific rooms and properties, keeping everything organized and tracked in one place.

✣ Easy way of customising tasks: Dwell is designed for simplicity. Upkeep uses simple properties that connect 3 databases, requiring minimal setup or maintenance.

✣ Free updates and future expansions: Get access to new features and improvements.

Ready to blossom into a well-managed home today? Try Dwell.

~ a Blossom product, by youce.

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